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Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads ~ Leads That Turn Heads! Bling beaded leads worn by the best show dogs all around the world. Exquisite hand made show leads ...

Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads 

~ The Cutting Edge of Boutique Show Lead Design ~

Specializing in

“All your Leads & Accessories For the Show Ring!”

Exquisite Cutting edge design & innovative, individual style

has Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads above the rest.



The biggest Dog Show in the World!

Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads are in use at Crufts!

A little background on how Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads started:

We started producing the leads for our own show team, now into our 8th year, being unable to purchase leads that suited our breed and our Hobby of creating Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads has been the result from people asking after the leads and working with the specific requirements person and of each breed.

Many people, we have found, were the same position as us chasing for quality leads and not finding them readily available. These people have come to us and asked if there was any possibility of making a special lead, just like ours, for their specific breed. In working with these breeds and these wonderful people we now have a large range of standard leads which can be upgraded to the effect you require and your specific budget.

To date the breeds that we have been working with are:




American Staffordshire Terrier,

Australian Silky Terrier,


Bernese Mountain Dog,

Bichon Frise,

Border Collie,

Boston Terrier,


Cairne Terrier,

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,

Chihuahua long & Smooth,

Chinese Crested,

Chow Chow,

Cocker Spaniel,

Collie Rough,


Dachshund Standard & Miniature,




English Setter,

English Springer Spaniel,

English Toy Terrier,

Finnish Lapphund,

Fox Terrier,

French Bulldog,

German Pinscher,

German Spitz,

Golden Retriever,

Great Dane,


Griffon Brutellious,


Italian Greyhound,

Irish Wolfhound,

Jack Russell Terriers,

Japanese Chin,

Japanese Spitz,

King Charles Spaniel,


Lakeland Terrier,

Lhaza Apso,



Miniature Pinscher,

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever,



Pharaoh Hound,


Poodle Miniature, Standard & Toy,


Tenterfield Terrier,

Tibetan Terrier,



Shetland Sheep Dog,

Shih Tzu,


Scottish Terrier,


Shetland Sheepdog,

Shih Tzu,

Siberian Husky,

Staffordshire Bull Terrier,

Tenterfield Terrier

Tibeta Spaniel,


West Highland White Terrier,


Yorkshire Terrier,

With this large range of breeds it means it gives us an understanding to enable us to work closely with you and fulfill any specification that your breed would require. We can adapt a lead from this large range of lead styles to suit dogs here in Australia and Internationally.

Every Snazzy Pooch Custom Designed Lead is an “Original”, as Kim designs and handcrafts each and every style you will see in our range. From our “standard” range you can choose to upgrade your lead to suit your own personal individual tastes and breed requirements thus creating for you your own SNAZZY POOCH CUSTOM DESIGNED LEAD Leads That Turn Heads!!!

In addition to this, we also offer services for future repair should you require it - for example if a dog has chewed a section of the lead the lead can be sent back to us to have that section fixed/repaired/replaced having a longevity with the lead.

Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads ~ Leads that turn heads!


Kim & Ros

Phone: 0417 068 519

Based Near Newcastle, NSW, Australia