Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads Turn Heads!

At Snazzy Pooch Custom Design we pride ourselves in making the BEST! We use QUALITY products that will give you the best results!

When you purchase a Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Lead you are purchasing an UNIQUELY ORIGINAL LEAD created, designed and hand crafted right here in Australia!

What Makes Snazzy Pooch Custom Design leads stand apart from their competitors???

       * Snazzy Pooch has the largest range of ribbon colours,

       * Our extensive range of Satin Cord Colours,

       * Our large range of Parachute cord colours,

       * Our use of World renowned Genuine Swarovski Crystals

       * And other Stunning decorative pieces

With Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads you will NEVER find Split rings - we ONLY use Solid Metal Rings; When we say we use Metal beads - this is what they are! We've left the fishing Swivels to the fishermen - at Snazzy Pooch Custom Design Leads we ONLY use delux Heavy Duty Metal Swivels. We felt every band for the comfort of your dog and to protect your dogs coat.

Custom Design Means Custom Design!

We will work with you to create a "personal masterpiece" a lead of your own designing and specifications.